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Electronics projects

Air quality and weather station

Hardware parts:
  • DOIT ESP32 board (has builtin hall-effect sensor);
  • PMS5003 sensor (PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10.0 sensor connected via serial);
  • BME280 sensor (temperature, pressure and humidity sensor connected via I2C);
  • photoresistor/LDR (calibrated with a smartphone);
  • (more sensors to come)

Software parts:
public dashboard
public updates feeds

photo: TODO

LED music visualizer

LED music visualizer v1: vumeter with only 3 LEDs and light guides

Hardware parts:
  • Orange Pi PC (with onboard mic);
  • 3 diffused LEDs connected to the GPIO pins via a 40-pins IDE cable + breadboard wires + 330 ohms resistors;
  • see-through colored pens as light guides;
  • see-through Gashapon action figure from Sega Gals Collection Vol. 03.

Software parts: video:

LED music visualizer v2: vumeter + mini spectrogram

  • RGB LED wired to the GPIO pins (as vumeter display) + a yogurt vase as light diffuser 😀;
  • 4x4 LED matrix made on a breadboard (as spectrum display) + Arduino Uno as controller;
  • audioleds.py: updated with 4-bands spectrum analyzer.

LED music visualizer v3: bigger vumeter and spectrogram


LED music visualizer v4: live lyrics display


more sample videos: 1 , 2

camera-based ambilight

Hardware parts:
Software parts:

UPDATE: i've found this screen-grabbing solution that works much better and discontinued the project.

Sega Game Gear USB pad mod

v1: reusing an old gamepad PCB (original discussion)

Parts used: pics:

WIP: v2 using the original GG motherboard + Arduino Micro + ArduinoJoystickLibrary

gamepad adapters

NES+SNES LPT adapter USB-powered

schematic here

Sega Genesis Linux LPT adapter self-powered

schematic here

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