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VLC LrcView extension

This is a Lua-based extension for VLC 2.x showing lyrics from external files (.lrc or .txt) matching the input filename.
It is meant as a replacement for the old Winamp WinLyrics plugin.
To install, download the lrcview.lua file in the "/lua/extensions" VLC subdir (e.g. for Linux is "$HOME/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/"), then activate from the "View" menu.
You can customize the external scripts invoked in the very first lines of the code, some example scripts are provided below.


  • shows both non-synced and synced lyrics
  • jump to the selected line
  • copy selected lines to the clipboard with an external script
  • transliterate lyrics to another alphabet with an external script
  • translate lyrics to another language with an external script
  • user setting to hide the time tags and the translate/transliterate buttons
  • look for lyrics in a custom user-defined path
  • Unix-like and Windows OS support

  • fix current line display (WIP, possible solution: on-the-fly conversion to SRT, need to port this Python script)
  • load lyrics from remote files (WIP)
  • autostart the extension (not supported currently by VLC)
  • jump to the selected line with double-click (not supported by VLC?)
  • fix freezes with the VLC skin2 interface (a VLC bug?)

Not-TODO: (do not ask for these)
  • load lyrics from internal ID tags (not supported by VLC?)
  • fetch lyrics from a website (use the musiXmatch extension for that, or download the lyrics manually)

download the latest version: lrcview.lua

download external scripts (optional):
pbcopy pbcopy.bat (for copy to clipboard)
translate translate.bat (requires curl and an internet connection to Google Translate)
transliterate transliterate.bat (requires uconv, for better Japanese support grab jakaroma)

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